Sparatgen xt ingredients

Sparatgen xt ingredients

Spartagen xt is a product that has created the buzz over the two last years. With its particular composition, this testosterone supplement can be considered as the best natural testosterone booster. It has a soft action that helps the body to recover normal and regular hormonal balance. This text will try to find the particularities of this product by reviewing Spartagen xt ingredients.

Sparagen xt reviews:

Spartagen reviews allow describing the product as the best solution to resort to when you suffer low testosterone symptoms. The product is nothing but a well studied compound that includes a wide list of natural ingredients already known and praised for their effects on male attributes notably sex drive and alpha male shape.

Spartagen xt ingredients:

The examination of the official site and the multiple reviews, help listing the Spartagen xt ingredients in herbal components and non herbal components as follow:

        Herbal components: these Spartagen xt ingredients describe the components that are extracted from plants

§  Tribilus terrestris: This plant provides an extract that is able to induce Luteinizing Hormone LH production by the pituitary gland. In fact, LH is the factor that induces testosterone production by stimulating Leydig Cells. This extract uses the regular means to increase testosterone levels in the blood.

§  Bueta superba: The extract of this plant has an aphrodisiac effect that stimulates the sex drive.

§  Tonkat Ali: This herb is known to supply the body with compounds that prevent the formation of a particular complex involving testosterone and a protein called SHBG. In fact, the resulting complex reduces the free testosterone fraction and therefore reduces the testosterone levels.

§   Chrysin: This herbal has an important role regarding maintaining testosterone levels at reasonable rates. In fact, testosterone is found in the blood in several forms among which only the free testosterone called 5α Dihydrotestosterone. The fraction of free testosterone is increased when the chrysin extract prevents the transition of testosterone into estrogen.


§  Maca: This extract adds its effects to those induced by chrysin; it supports the stabilization of testosterone and prevents the aromatization process.


§  Red Korean Ginseng: This herbal extract has double effects:1) it enhances the mental health and helps restoring the sex drive and the vitality of the subject; 2) it supports the production of testosterone by improving the Leydig cells’ responsiveness to LH effects.

        Non herbal components: this group is destined to describe the Spartagen xt ingredients that are not originated from plants or plant extracts.

§  Minerals: Notably Zinc and Magnesium. Those two elements are naturally found within the body and they have a very critical role when it is about the metabolic processes. In fact they are involved in the energy production which would supply the body with the needed energy to operate at the best performance regarding testosterone effects.

§  Vitamins: Vitamins have catalytic effects. They carry testosterone fraction through the cell membrane and magnify the cell responsiveness. Vitamins also add their effects to enhance the metabolic processes that produce required energy to respond better to the testosterone effects.


Obviously, Spartagen xt ingredients are full natural and therefore do not induce the addiction symptoms. Each component has its particular effect; yet they can support each other in complete harmony.

Menopause Symptoms : Know More about Menopause

Menopause symptoms first appear before the onset of menopause. This is referred to as perimenopause stage. Not all women suffer from the complications of menopause. Some of these women do not even experience unpleasant symptoms. Sadly, others find menopause symptoms make them feel weak. The effects might even last for years. If you are suffering from these symptoms and the pain is too much to bear you will try to find a solution or even temporary relief. The menopause symptoms can be traced to lowered production of these two very important female hormones: estrogen and progesterone. These hormones have a different effect on the body. Some women might suffer more than others.

Changes in Your Body during Menopause

  • Change in menstrual cycle. There may be times when you bleed heavier than usual or a times lighter. There may be instances when after having no period for 12 consecutive months you begin spotting. If this happens you need to talk with your doctor
  • Hot Flashes. This is when you feel suddenly like having mild fever or the upper portion of your body is warm. There are cases when your face and neck can turn red. It is normal at times to feel sweaty or flushed
  • Vaginal dryness especially during intercourse. This is a result of a decrease in estrogen and progesterone production. This is also one of the most common menopause symptoms. Other signs can be itching around the vulva. In some cases it could be stinging or burning sensation. Use a water based vaginal lubricant to relieve this situation
  • Sleeping problems or insomnia. The problem can either be finding it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep. There may be days when you wake up early and find it hard to go back to sleep
  • Frequent urination. It is normal to lose control of your bladder. There are some things that you can do to fight urinary incontinence. You can perform Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor and above all stay hydrated
  • Urinary tract infections. Closely related to urinary incontinence. This happens because of the lower levels of estrogen. Any changes in the urinary tract can make you prone to infection
  • Loss of interest in sex. Again this happens because of reduce estrogen. This can cause the delay of clitoral reaction which causes you to respond slowly to orgasm

Menopause symptoms can last for months or even years depending on how your body reacts. Scheduling an appointment with your obstetrician gynecologist can help you monitor your health. You can also ask for an advice on how to find relief depending on what specific menopause symptoms you are suffering from. Do not wait until you are in pain before you visit your doctor. Preventive health care includes recommended screening procedures for menopause. These can include colonoscopy, mammography, thyroid testing and lipid screening. In the case of thyroid testing this will only be recommended if you have a family history of this condition. Breast and pelvic exams shall be performed for this test. By empowering yourself with knowledge it would be easy for you to adjust to these changes in your body.




Hormonal Imbalance : Effects of Loss of Hormones

Having balance in hormones can keep you healthy and cancer free. It is normal for your body to encounter hormonal imbalance during puberty, menopause and perimenopause. Other causes of hormonal imbalance include toxins and unbalanced lifestyle. You can actually prevent breast cancer if you understand the cause of hormonal imbalance. Unhealthy habits can actually speed up the imbalance and can even lead to premature aging. The food that you eat, exercising or lack of it, toxins that you absorb and stress levels can all affect your hormones. You need to know more about this and how to prevent it especially if you are in your midlife. You don’t need to add more problems to midlife issues.

In case you let stress take over this will force your body to steal from your progesterone supply. This means there will be more estrogen. This is not actually a good thing. One of its effects is irregular menstruation and acceleration of the aging process. Stress can actually rob you of your strength and energy. This can also cause a poor immune system. This can place you at risk of suffering from chronic illness or autoimmune disease. This is why you must prevent suffering from too much stress.

Common Signs of Hormonal Imbalance

  • Anxiety. This is when you do not feel as if you are yourself. Being depress is normal if you have hormonal imbalance. You need to nourish your body base on what it needs
  • Digestion issues. Slow digestion, gas and bloating are common hormonal problems that are not directly associated with the imbalance. This is directly associated with poor eating habits. You need to chew your food well and eat just right. Avoid overeating because this can cause poor nutrient extraction
  • Fatigue. Have you notice why you feel sluggish even when you have just woken up? You can do something about this by eliminating wheat and grains from your diet. Learn ways to stabilize your blood sugar
  • Weight gain. You need to eliminate eating processed foods, sugar and wheat. You can actually turn off gaining weight by addressing this hormonal issue
  • Belly fat and loss of muscle mass. When you are suffering from hormonal imbalance there are some hormones that might be under produce and in some cases over produce. Either way this can cause effects on your body. Some of the effects would be retaining fats in certain areas of your body

There are times when you blame unexplained anger and mood swings to your hormones. Unknowingly this is right. Hormonal imbalance affects your sexual desire, fertility and ovulation. Suffice to say that you are not alone on suffering from hormonal imbalance. This hormone can throw off your body’s natural chemistry. This condition is more than just PMS.  You can consult your doctor whether taking conventional treatments which can mean hormone replacement therapies and the use of insulin injections. However, relying on these methods has its set of risks. You can also choose to balance your hormones naturally. The best way to find a solution is to find out the root causes of your condition.

Advanced Testosterone Technologies

Man’s body is capable of producing its own testosterone however, due to the effects of aging and different factors there is a decline. Testosterone is important as a hormone because it acts on most tissues. In the muscular system it is responsible in increasing muscle mass through protein synthesis. In adipose tissue, testosterone stimulates lipolysis or breaking down of fats. Let’s not forget how this hormone affects your sexual performance, erectile function, mood and even bone density. Normally, when you age, the production of this male hormone decreases and this can be seen through its effects on your body.

Decline in production of this hormone usually takes place at your late thirties. Because of the slow decline you will not immediately see the effect until you notice a lot of changes in your body process. Research studies show that you will at least experience 1% decline each year. This might look like a very small percentage however, if you care to think about it, adding up the numbers will increase the chances of decrease and later you will notice changes in your body. This is why you tend to gain weight as you age. You will notice poor performance in bed. Other bodily functions began to slow down.

This is why advance testosterone technologies are needed especially if you are already feeling the effects of low testosterone levels. Even the foods that you eat play a role in the decline of this hormone. The type of fat that you take can affect your hormone supply. The right way to fight this battle with this hormonal decline is to take the best testosterone boosters. With the help of the best testosterone boosters your body will slowly catch up with the demand for this hormone and pretty soon your supply is enough for what your body needs.

Choosing the Best Testosterone Boosters

  • Low testosterone affects most of your body process. Learn more about which ones of your system is affected and be flexible enough when solutions are presented to you
  • Avoid proprietary blends. A mixture like this might be helpful at first glance but in the in the long run there might some side effects on your body
  • Look for the top ten or top five best testosterone boosters. With the help of advance testosterone technologies and product reviews it would be easy for you to narrow down the choices. Your body will be the best judge of its effectiveness
  • Listen to professionals. They are known as professionals because they studied this science and mastered it. Professionals does not stop at learning which is why they continue to do research to make life better for you and for the rest of humanity
  • Eat the right foods. Steer away from foods that will only push your hormone supply down

With the help of advance testosterone technologies it was not a hard task to find what can help you boost your waning testosterone supply.  If you want to see a continuous enhancement of your muscles and better athletic performance you need the best testosterone boosters that you can ever find in the market today. The best testosterone boosters are those that are made from natural sources. Never make the mistake of overlooking what your body needs and in this case an increase in this hormones’ production. Fortunately, there is help. Your body will regain its strength and you will become fitter as a bonus. Your mind will be at peace knowing that you are at the peak of health at any age.



Tribulus Terrestris a Body Building Supplement

Tribulus Terrestris

Are you the type who is very conscious about your body? Always at the gym and eating healthy foods but still having a hard time getting your body toned? Maybe, because you are lacking the energy to push your performance. Sometimes, a proper work out even if partnered with a healthy diet is not enough. You can use supplements like Tribulus Terrestris to help your body to bulk up.

Tribulus terrestris is a plant from Ayurveda that is full with very sharp vines wherein the roots, leaves and fruits are used by people to make supplement and medicines to treat several ailments. Tribulus terrestris is also called as “devil’s weed” because if you consume the fruit that is full of sharp vines, may cause your lungs to collapse.

This supplement increases testosterone levels, lean mass and provokes the circulation of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a gas that assists blood vessels to enlarge and bring oxygen to muscles that are working.

Work out junkies, body builders and athletes often look for supplements that may help them achieve their so called “body goals” to give them an advantage over their opponents in a natural and safest way without using anabolic steroids.

Tribulus terresteris is amazingly popular due to its very powerful testosterone boosting properties. There are many benefits that this supplement has and it is related with increasing testosterone levels. Here are some benefits of tribulus terrestris on body building:

Acts as a great pre-work out supplement

Pre-work out supplements intend to enhance and increase energy levels including mental focus but is full of harmful ingredients like caffeine that makes you awake at night especially if you take it in large amount, which is not good if you are working out. So you should go for the safe and natural supplement like tribulus terrestris; body builders take this supplement 30 minutes before they work out for optimum performance.

Aids in fat loss

Since tribulus terrestris increases energy, it means you can exercise for longer hours so you can burn more calories.

Can upgrade strength levels

Because of the right amount of testosterone, it helps the muscle to function and generate more power. The more power they trigger, the more forceful they become.

Increases Libido

The real deal is that we should not keep our libido low not only because it can put an end to some people’s relationships, but can also be unfavorable to our body and nobody wants that. Low libido means low testosterone count.

Boosting testosterone

Obviously, the tribulus has the power to increase natural testosterone in just a matter of days while taking it.

Increased muscle mass

If there are higher levels of testosterone found in the body, the more muscle mass the person will be having. Testosterone does not only assist the new muscle that is growing, but also aids the muscle tissue that is injured and it also allows the body to create increased lean muscle mass.

Tribulus terrestris is a very safe and natural supplement that you can take as long as you follow the right amount of dosage. Talk to your doctor to determine the right dosage, eat healthy foods, and work out properly so that you can have a safe and healthy muscularly toned body.

Enhanced Performance with Korean Red Ginseng

Korean Red Ginseng

When you hear the word ginseng, it is commonly associated with health and potential nutrients. This is an herb that is widely used in Southeast Asia due to its healing properties. The Korean Red Ginseng is not different, and is very popular especially to men, due to its testosterone enhancing properties.

Historically, the ginseng is either dried or steamed before using, it is the reason behind its red coloration. Once processed, it is boiled to create a tonic or is steamed to prepare for preservation, which is naturally drying it. This way, all the healthy characteristics of the Korean red ginseng is maintained.

There are several benefits attributed to the Korean Red Ginseng, namely the following:

  • Gives the immune system a boost. This is the reason why, the Korean Red Ginseng is popular even to kids, as it improves their immune system and enabling them to fight common diseases.
  • Increases fertility and libido. As mentioned, it is great in increasing testosterone levels which enables men to perform at their best. Also attributed to greater sperm motility, so if you and your partner are having fertility difficulties, then this could help in the process.
  • Great source of energy. What makes it increase your amount of energy is the presence of ginsenosides. The effect of ginsenosides in your body is to lessen all kinds of stress whether mental, physical or emotional.
  • Helps prevent erectile dysfunction. This part is again for the men, if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, then, you should give the Korean Red Ginseng a try as it helps improve the flow of blood to your male sex organs and its link to the nervous system alleviating the symptoms of the dysfunction.
  • Balances your hormones. Women could also benefit from the Korean Red Ginseng as it promotes the stabilization of the hormones. This is especially present in women who are already in menopause as the ginseng helps in producing estrogen. Once this hormone increases, the symptoms of menopause can be avoided, such as low sexual drive or the weakening of the uterine muscles.
  •  Lessens the risk of cancer. Many people who are taking the Korean Red Ginseng swears to its cancer fighting capabilities. In fact, it is used for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and is believed to bring cancer cells back to normal.
  • Fights Diabetes. The Korean Red Ginseng also aids in the reduction of glucose levels in the blood, this is great news for people who are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes as it helps in controlling cortisol levels ensuring normal blood sugar levels.

The Korean Red Ginseng may have a lot of benefits, but it is important to remember that the effects of herbs can vary. In this regard, it is safe to use the Korean Red Ginseng as a health tonic or a supplement to improve your health and performance but is not exactly made as a medicine for specific diseases. It would still be best to visit your doctor and verify the proper dosage before use.

Zinc Both for Man & Machine

Zinc – found somewhere on the right hand side of the periodic table of elements listed as Zn, number 30, apparently hands benefits both to humans and autobots alike. Okay, maybe not on Autobots as they’re from Cybertron and we’re not sure if their metal is the same as ours.

Anyway, we have often heard of this chemical element when it comes to strengthening our immune systems, while also having interesting industrial applications – but what are they and how are they used?

Let’s start with the industrial and mechanical applications:

In ancient times, zinc was used by the Greeks and Romans to make brass that would eventually be forged and hammered into weaponry and coins. Such was common practice in an era of our time that would be known as the Bronze Age. Brass still plays a role in infrastructure and manufacturing, so the use of zinc still applies here to this day through musical instruments, water valves, and furniture.

Galvanization is another major role this wonderful chemical element takes part in. Ever wonder how pipes, posts, and other giant bits of iron and steel tend to last so long without rusting? Galvanization protects them by applying a hot-dip coat of zinc. The coating will be the one to corrode first before anything happens to iron / steel it protects.

Aside from brass, zinc is also used along with other metals like aluminum and magnesium to make other alloys that do well in die casting & spin casting. These two types of casting are extensively used in manufacturing vehicles and hardware equipment.

Now let’s list what zinc does for the human body:

The ancient Romans once used zinc pills as a treatment for sore eyes.

Zinc is sold as a dietary supplement that can work as an anti-oxidant which slows down the ageing of skin and muscles. It can work as a “healing factor” to speed up the recovery from wounds – doesn’t give you an adamantium skeleton or claws though. Too bad. It is also used to treat people suffering from Major Depressive Disorder. It works as a cheap alternative in curing diarrhea. Zinc acetate is said to be the fastest way to deal with the common cold. Still no Wolverine claws though.

Aside from being a supplement / medicine that’s taken orally, Zinc is also applied on the skin and scalp. Zinc pyrithione also kills dandruff, hence this being the primary ingredient for most anti-dandruff shampoos. Zinc protects against sunburn in hot areas and windburn in snowy, windy areas. It can event prevent diaper rash.

Zinc plays a vital role in keeping the hormones in check. It boosts testosterone naturally – which is why athletes take the aforementioned supplement as a means of getting a strength boost. It is needed in female reproductive health to produce estrogen and progesterone. Since this balances hormones, it also balances insulin – what we need to regulate blood sugar and prevent diabetes.

With all that’s said about what zinc can do for you – it’s best you start munching on lots of meat, particularly lamb, beef, turkey and chicken. For the vegans, chickpeas, cashews, mushrooms, and pumpkin seeds are your best bet for stocking up on this wonderful element. Zinc away!


The Great Maca Supplement

Maca, from the scientific name “lepidium myenii” is a plant that is found in Peru which is also called “Peruvian Ginseng”. The Maca root is split into different classification based on the color of the root which can either be pink, yellow, red, or black. It belongs in the family of radish and is most often available in powder form. It is also associated to the mustard plant because it has some resemblance in terms of appearance. The flowers of the Maca is also similar to those of the mustard plant.

Inca people of Peru used the Maca roots for their home remedies and it is believed that this plant is very helpful and nutritious for our health. This is the reason why it spread all over the world, and are popular to many individuals who use it for health or dietary purposes like:

  • Boosting libido
  • Energy enhancer
  • Helps with fertility
  • Balances hormones

These are some of the benefits that Maca has because it is full of vitamins B, C and E and has calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, phosphorus and amino acids. The root of the Maca holds active nutrients and due to high nutritional content, is frequently believed to have “super food” properties.

Taking Maca supplements makes people very energized and leaves them with a positive attitude. Since Maca has antioxidants, people feel that they are refreshed and cleansed while taking this supplement.

If you are planning to take maca, start with a little amount so that your body can adjust and therefore, prevent unwanted side effects. But if you planning to eat the Maca roots, make sure you cook it very carefully. Do not eat it raw because it may upset your stomach.

You can mix Maca (especially if in powder form) to the food you eat. This is great because Maca has a bit of a terrible taste, which may not be easy to get over with. You can even mix it with smoothies and juices but do not add Maca to very hot foods or drinks because it can kill the enzymes.

Maca can even help you build up your muscles because it is anabolic, meaning it can help for great muscle build up and it supplies your body with appropriate energy. If this is your goal, then the black variety of Maca is highly recommended.

Maca has no known serious side effects if you use it the right way and if you follow the advice of your doctor. If you have a history of heart illness, you should consult your doctor first because maca can increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Do not take maca if you pregnant or breast feeding because it does not have enough research whether it’s safe or not.

The Maca has a very low toxicity level so it is considered as a safe herb for human intake. Side effects is different from person to person, and so with its effectiveness, just make sure that if you suffer any form of difficulties, stop taking it immediately.

Boosting Your Testosterone with Chrysin

If you want to know if Chrysing boosts your testosterone levels, the answer is a big yes. It is effective for men who has hormonal imbalance and needs a good amount of testosterone level increase, whether if it is for their health or for their performance in bed.

There are a lot of new testosterone boosting supplements popping in and out of the market, but the question is, are they safe to consume? Can they really help? Are there any major side effects?

If you want to be naturally safe use an herbal based all natural supplement like Chrysin which would effectively handle the boosting of testosterone levels in your body as you can read in this spartagen xt review. Since it is herbal, it is fairly safe to consume. The Spartagen xt supplement has Chrysin as one of its main ingredients which is a great indication that it could help in solving your testosterone deficiency.

Increased levels of testosterone is very helpful for athletes and body builders because once your testosterone level is high, it is easier for you to build up your muscle when working out. Chrysin also reduces estrogen or the female hormones. Why is it important to reduce a man’s estrogen levels? Here is an explanation regarding that, after contracting the receptor, estrogen (female hormone) produces feminizing effects to the body while testosterone (male hormone) produces masculinizing effect after binding the receptor. If you are a man, with high estrogen levels, it would be very difficult to bulk up and build lean muscles.

Therefore, if a man uses chrysin it returns the balance of hormones inside the body, and a man could now proceed in toning his body with the right amount of workout. And on top of that, your partner will be happy to know that your libido and sexual drive is increased dramatically.

Research says, if you want to achieve the best results while consuming chrysin, you should take a half dose 30 minutes before working out and take the other half dose before going to bed. Athletes and body builders usually worry about hair loss and gynecomastia while taking other testosterone boosting supplement, but will no longer have to when using chrysin. It’s a great relief, right?

Actually, there are a lot of health risks if your testosterone level is too low. Since chrysin can help you increase testosterone in your body, it lowers the chances of facing several health issues associated with low testosterone levels. One of these would be having weak bones which could lead to Osteoporosis.

When there is an appropriate amount of testosterone in the body, there is a higher tendency for a person to increase muscle mass. This is because testosterone assists in growing of new muscles and helps repair the damaged muscle tissues in the body. It keeps the body in a constant anabolic situation so it can allow the body to build increased lean muscle mass. The right amount of testosterone can help your muscle to perform more productive and to trigger more power so that they can get stronger.

Do not take chrysin if you have health issues. Always check and consult with your doctor for the right and recommended dosage. Do not over dose yourself because it may lead to serious conditions. Whether if you’re a body builder, athlete or not, eating food that are rich in fiber is great, you should also make sure to keep yourself hydrated especially when you’re working out and avoid skipping meals. A healthy diet, proper work out and the right supplement can make your body building activity smooth and fruitful.

Building Greatness with Tongkat Ali

Building Greatness with Tongkat Ali

Summer is the time of the year when many people are in a hurry to hit the gym and exercise. The determination to lose weight and build muscles is greater than during the New Year, because there is a definite purpose and use of it. This is also the time when the clamor for supplements are on the rise, to give ample energy to exercising people.

One of the most common supplements you would encounter is the Tongkat Ali, this gives people the additional boost of energy needed to do that one more rep or the last set of ab crunch. Tongkat Ali is popular because it came from an herb grown in Malaysia that was aimed at enhancing the performance of men.

Generally, the Tongkat Ali works on releasing the right amount of testosterone to balance the hormones inside our bodies. Once the hormone levels are balanced, your performance will greatly improve as well. If you have ever experienced lack of energy, over fatigue due to work and other activities then the Tongkat Ali will work great for you.

There are only 3 things you need to remember with Tongkat Ali:

–        It will enhance your testosterone levels

–        Relieve you from stress

–        Bring back your lost energy

A positive side effect of all three would mean heightened libido, which would be great for couples who are trying to conceive. In addition, once you are active, pumped and full of energy, you would not in any way want all of those to go to waste, so you will have the capacity to exercise more and therefore promote healthier weight loss.

It directly affects your weight loss not only by giving you energy boosts to exercise but it also has fat burning capacity, targeting on those unwanted areas. Once you are set on trying Tongkat Ali, then it is advised to talk to your doctor and make sure that you are fit to take the supplement.

With regards to side effects, since the herb might supply you with packed energy, then it is also expected that you would become restless if those energy is left unused. It would be best if you channel them effectively and plan your dosage accordingly to maximize the potential. You will surely be able to build lean muscle mass once you get the hang of properly taking the Tongkat Ali and partnering it with the appropriate exercise to see results immediately.

As with any products and supplements, proper dosage is important and also advisable if you would circulate the supplement out of your system once you have achieved the results you are aiming for, to prevent dependency. Many athletes and bodybuilding gurus swore to the effectiveness of Tongkat Ali and we believe that they have achieved the proper balance along the way.

You would notice that the Tongkat Ali may come in several forms, powder, or pill, whichever you may prefer, keep in mind that it should serve as a supplement only.