Hormonal Imbalance : Effects of Loss of Hormones

Having balance in hormones can keep you healthy and cancer free. It is normal for your body to encounter hormonal imbalance during puberty, menopause and perimenopause. Other causes of hormonal imbalance include toxins and unbalanced lifestyle. You can actually prevent breast cancer if you understand the cause of hormonal imbalance. Unhealthy habits can actually speed up the imbalance and can even lead to premature aging. The food that you eat, exercising or lack of it, toxins that you absorb and stress levels can all affect your hormones. You need to know more about this and how to prevent it especially if you are in your midlife. You don’t need to add more problems to midlife issues.

In case you let stress take over this will force your body to steal from your progesterone supply. This means there will be more estrogen. This is not actually a good thing. One of its effects is irregular menstruation and acceleration of the aging process. Stress can actually rob you of your strength and energy. This can also cause a poor immune system. This can place you at risk of suffering from chronic illness or autoimmune disease. This is why you must prevent suffering from too much stress.

Common Signs of Hormonal Imbalance

  • Anxiety. This is when you do not feel as if you are yourself. Being depress is normal if you have hormonal imbalance. You need to nourish your body base on what it needs
  • Digestion issues. Slow digestion, gas and bloating are common hormonal problems that are not directly associated with the imbalance. This is directly associated with poor eating habits. You need to chew your food well and eat just right. Avoid overeating because this can cause poor nutrient extraction
  • Fatigue. Have you notice why you feel sluggish even when you have just woken up? You can do something about this by eliminating wheat and grains from your diet. Learn ways to stabilize your blood sugar
  • Weight gain. You need to eliminate eating processed foods, sugar and wheat. You can actually turn off gaining weight by addressing this hormonal issue
  • Belly fat and loss of muscle mass. When you are suffering from hormonal imbalance there are some hormones that might be under produce and in some cases over produce. Either way this can cause effects on your body. Some of the effects would be retaining fats in certain areas of your body

There are times when you blame unexplained anger and mood swings to your hormones. Unknowingly this is right. Hormonal imbalance affects your sexual desire, fertility and ovulation. Suffice to say that you are not alone on suffering from hormonal imbalance. This hormone can throw off your body’s natural chemistry. This condition is more than just PMS.  You can consult your doctor whether taking conventional treatments which can mean hormone replacement therapies and the use of insulin injections. However, relying on these methods has its set of risks. You can also choose to balance your hormones naturally. The best way to find a solution is to find out the root causes of your condition.