Sparatgen xt ingredients

Sparatgen xt ingredients

Spartagen xt is a product that has created the buzz over the two last years. With its particular composition, this testosterone supplement can be considered as the best natural testosterone booster. It has a soft action that helps the body to recover normal and regular hormonal balance. This text will try to find the particularities of this product by reviewing Spartagen xt ingredients.

Sparagen xt reviews:

Spartagen reviews allow describing the product as the best solution to resort to when you suffer low testosterone symptoms. The product is nothing but a well studied compound that includes a wide list of natural ingredients already known and praised for their effects on male attributes notably sex drive and alpha male shape.

Spartagen xt ingredients:

The examination of the official site and the multiple reviews, help listing the Spartagen xt ingredients in herbal components and non herbal components as follow:

        Herbal components: these Spartagen xt ingredients describe the components that are extracted from plants

§  Tribilus terrestris: This plant provides an extract that is able to induce Luteinizing Hormone LH production by the pituitary gland. In fact, LH is the factor that induces testosterone production by stimulating Leydig Cells. This extract uses the regular means to increase testosterone levels in the blood.

§  Bueta superba: The extract of this plant has an aphrodisiac effect that stimulates the sex drive.

§  Tonkat Ali: This herb is known to supply the body with compounds that prevent the formation of a particular complex involving testosterone and a protein called SHBG. In fact, the resulting complex reduces the free testosterone fraction and therefore reduces the testosterone levels.

§   Chrysin: This herbal has an important role regarding maintaining testosterone levels at reasonable rates. In fact, testosterone is found in the blood in several forms among which only the free testosterone called 5α Dihydrotestosterone. The fraction of free testosterone is increased when the chrysin extract prevents the transition of testosterone into estrogen.


§  Maca: This extract adds its effects to those induced by chrysin; it supports the stabilization of testosterone and prevents the aromatization process.


§  Red Korean Ginseng: This herbal extract has double effects:1) it enhances the mental health and helps restoring the sex drive and the vitality of the subject; 2) it supports the production of testosterone by improving the Leydig cells’ responsiveness to LH effects.

        Non herbal components: this group is destined to describe the Spartagen xt ingredients that are not originated from plants or plant extracts.

§  Minerals: Notably Zinc and Magnesium. Those two elements are naturally found within the body and they have a very critical role when it is about the metabolic processes. In fact they are involved in the energy production which would supply the body with the needed energy to operate at the best performance regarding testosterone effects.

§  Vitamins: Vitamins have catalytic effects. They carry testosterone fraction through the cell membrane and magnify the cell responsiveness. Vitamins also add their effects to enhance the metabolic processes that produce required energy to respond better to the testosterone effects.


Obviously, Spartagen xt ingredients are full natural and therefore do not induce the addiction symptoms. Each component has its particular effect; yet they can support each other in complete harmony.